Welcome to the site of the company Polycontact Industrie at Tarnos in Les Landes (40).

Polycontact Industrie, a company founded in 1992, is established at Tarnos in Aquitaine.

It specialises in manufacturing structures made from composite materials, resin, fibreglass and carbon-epoxy composites, monolithic or sandwich structures, complex structures with a foam or honeycomb core, machined parts, etc.

Part of our business involves manufacturing radomes from 20 cm to 10.20 m in diameter, protective shrouds for radar, and domes enabling electromagnetic waves to pass through them.

Polycontact Industrie has managed to develop into hi-tech sectors.

We intervene in terms of making composite parts for the following sectors:

  • Off-shore drilling with parts designed for oil rigs.
  • Aerospace with flight simulators, tooling and prototypes, etc.
  • Communication with satellite transmission cases, parabolic antennas, etc.
  • The environment, with roofing for treatment plants, pumping stations, tanks, access hatches, ladders, safety railings, etc.
  • In the industrial sectors with housings for machinery, technical parts, etc.
  • Construction with claddings for façades, waterproofing, manufacture or reproduction of ornamental parts, etc.
  • Balneotherapy with healthcare equipment, pelotherapy beds, massage tables, tanks, etc.
  • And in many other sectors.

To do this, we have fully mastered manufacturing techniques such as stratification contact moulding, light RTM, heavy RTM, vacuum infusion, prepregs, baking in ovens or autoclaves, etc.

We have based our performance on the capacity to manage projects as a whole, including study and design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, thereby providing our customers with constant, real quality in relation to the services we provide.

Polycontact Industrie is a company on a human scale, combining know-how and responsiveness which ensure the loyalty of our customers.