Polycontact Industrie - your specialist for manufacturing composite materials in Aquitaine in Les Landes (40).


Composites are the ideal solution in numerous cases due to their light weight, with concrete continuing to be a solution that is too heavy for structures. Being lightweight facilitates handling and installing the roofs.
Its rigidity enabled us to erect self-supporting structures up to 14 metres high. Its ability to withstand corrosion and its composition enable it to be used alongside chemicals whilst being maintenance-free.
Our roofing is perfectly suited to any situation: complex shapes, passing through pipes, and in terms of access.
For this type of service, Polycontact Industrie carries out the study, design, execution and on-site assembly.


Our platforms made from fibreglass-reinforced resins, which are mainly used in environments where there is atmospheric, saline or chemical corrosion, guarantee a highly reliable product in extreme environments.
Our products withstand contact with water, heat, grease and electric fields. These technical characteristics guarantee reliability and a high level of safety for staff working in these environments. Moreover, they are very easy to install due to their light weight.
Our products are used for floors, platforms, ceilings, stairs, access ramps, guard rails, catwalks and ladders.
Depending on your needs, we can integrate a non-slip surface into the body and adapt the structures to handle heavy loads.


In the environmental sector, Polycontact Industrie makes various thermal and noise-reduction polyester covers which can handle contact with chemicals.
This technique is very easy to adapt to all shapes and sizes, and different numbers and types of openings (sliding ones, and tilting ones with or without doors) and surface appearance (smooth or gelcoat fabric mesh). For example: covers housing drill heads.


Our company makes non-slip hatches (featuring silica, microbeads, or with a grained or diamonds pattern) or smooth ones, with or without a frame, suitable for all situations: passing through pipes, composite grilles for preventing slipping equipped with door closers and a closing mechanism.
Our composite inspection holes and plates are manufactured on demand, featuring either monolithic or sandwich structures, for rolling or for use as platforms.
Depending on the specifications, we are able to integrate a non-slip surface into the body.


Polycontact Industrie has developed a PATENTED SYSTEM for water pumping stations.
It is a rigid, stable assembly with a small footprint, and which is easy, quick and reliable to assemble thanks to standardisation of the tasks and components.
Due to its design, it is perfectly suited to reliable, more cost-effective operation of worksites, with shapes and dimensions adapted to current equipment, and to hydraulic principles, as well as being economical in terms of deliverables and labour.


Our company intervenes in numerous fields with holding, storage and treatment tanks.

Our products are suitable for fish farming due to their surface quality and the resins used, which are food-safe and comply with public health standards. We make fish pens, quarantine tanks, heated tanks, etc.