Radomes & Antennas

Polycontact Industrie, a company specialising in the manufacture of radomes in Aquitaine in Les Landes (40)


Polycontact Industrie radomes are made in our workshops.
Design, product development, and on-site assembly are done according to the customer’s needs, using stratification or bolting, and maintenance makes these works products specific to our company.

They are used for covering :
  • Meteorological radar units
  • Air traffic control radar units
  • Transmission and receiving antennas
  • Antennas for tracking moving satellites.
Implantation de nos radômes dans le monde, liste non exhaustive


Polycontact Industrie has developed a hi-tech product: A Satellite Transmission Case enabling reporters to connect from any location in the world so they can transmit and receive all sorts of digital, audio and video information.

The reflector has four leaves which, once assembled, form a good parabolic profile, guaranteeing RMS 0.2. The case and its reflector are lightweight and can therefore be transported as personal luggage.

This case, which was awarded a prize in a competition held by the Paris ANVAR (a national research promotion agency), and which was recognised under the framework of the Aquitaine INNOCOMP, complies with IATA standards and has both civil and military applications.